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Inner Sight

Would you like to acquaint yourself with experiencing energy and learn more about the inner aspect of the world and yourself?

During this workshop we will explore a different way of looking at the world. I will briefly tell you how differently people of the past saw the world and could experience it in older times. How we as human beings have changed and developed over the course of time, and with that have forgotten certain powers of inner vision. The time has come where we can now rediscover these in a new way.

Behind the things around us, the stones, plants, animals and people, is hidden a world that is actually very close to us, but which we usually cannot perceive. As humans, we are always connected to that world, although largely unconsciously.

Together we will explore a way of finding a connection with the spiritual in ourselves and the world around us in order to bring this special experience more into the field of consciousness.

Through mutual conversation, meditation and guidance I will calmly help the group to start to learn how to experience deeper layers of our human nature.

We will work with meditation and observation from your own capacity as a human being. Everyone has their own path of development and their own qualities, their own way of experiencing the world. By taking space to share between the "exercises", we can learn a lot from each other's insights.


The workshop will be guided by a brief gong concert.

Would you like arrange for a workshop, either privately or for a larger event?

Please get in touch for costs and booking.

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