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Our world was spoken into being.

A primal image of thought was given life by warmth of will and became an intention.

This intention was spoken out as ether into the void, creating.


We human beings are microcosmic images of this great process. It lives within us, continually becoming.

Through going inside, we can experience this world of forming energy, of soul and spirit.

Sound can help to provide a bridge and school our perception.


In all things lies being. Behind the copper, zinc and tin used to make these instruments, real beings can be found that we stand in relation to and work into us.

The creation of an intention is a process of listening. To will is to be open to receive.


We direct our attention to something like the being of copper, an oak tree, or a fellow human being. We then allow it to show us its qualities. With attention, this can be felt deep in the soul, in the streaming energies and even in the body itself.

As we set to work on an instrument, we dedicate the process and allow our intention to flow into the work. Elemental beings come alive and cooperate, one joining with the instrument to carry the energy.

With intention, we co-create with the Cosmos and find our place in the World's becoming.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a god.”

- John 1:1, the Bible


“Nada Brahman” – “The World is created through sound.”

-Shatapatha Brahmana, commentary on the Yajurveda


“Ár var alda þar er Ýmir bygði” – “In the beginning was a great wave, within which sound built”

-Voluspá, Poetic Edda

Do you want an instrument made with intention?​

Don't hesitate to let me know.

Together we can find the right energy to work with in making your own unique sound instrument.

We can discuss the purpose of the instrument and what qualities you are looking for. Perhaps you already have something specific in mind?

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