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This wonderful gong is 20 inch (50cm) in diameter.


This gong distinguishes itself from its smaller cousins in its wide range of sounds. Striking the central boss creates a wonderful, clear tone. If you play the middle and edges of the gong, you can build up a deep and striking resonance.


If you want to give concerts with a few instruments, I wholeheartedly recommend this gong as the central piece of your arrangement. But it is a great instrument in its own right as well!


Engraved on the back of this gong are the old norse runes for - A – HEIL. The A stands for Andromeda, and Heil is both a greeting and a declaration of wholeness, of unity.


This gong was made by witnessing and connecting to the energy of that galaxy neighbouring that of ours, the Milky Way. It is a very subtle energy, much finer than we are generally used to.


What it does with us as human beings is that it works on our subtle bodies and helps them become more refined, more mobile. This has as an effect that it helps us to be more receptive, empathetic, and more emotionally stable.

This gong comes with its own padded gong bag and a mallet, so you can start playing it right away!


All gongs are made to order.


I’m a trained blacksmith. I also work in line with a spiritual tradition of gong and singing bowl makers. Under the guidance of the Dutch sound master Ton Akkermans, I’ve inherited the techniques and learned to perceive and work with energies and spiritual beings.


If you would like to know more about my gongs, or about my work, don’t hesitate to send me a message. I would also be happy to make a personal gong for you, if you would like a gong with a special intention.

Andromeda Gong 20"

  • Andromeda Gongs

    Beautiful, unique, hand forged sound instruments made by Jesse Blauwhof.

    Connect with the intention and spiritual world of your instrument through listening, meditation and the atmosphere it provides.

    Care instructions

    Andromeda Gongs are coated in a thin layer of microcrystalline wax to prevent oxidization. If your gong gets dirty, wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

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