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Birth Bells - A companion to life.

An unborn child can hear the sounds that surround the mother. Even during this early time, they are already attuning to everything that goes on around them.

These bells are played by the mother and heard by the little one safe inside the womb. A gentle connection between the bells and the love and support of the mother is formed.
The bells are often used during birth to accompany and welcome the child to our earth.
Later in life, their gentle sound will become a familiar call, reminding them of the calm and peace of the womb.

During the creation process, a connection between the child’s inner qualities and the bells is made, making them a truly unique friend.

The quality and the energy of the bells will continue to evolve and change together with the child. Their sound will be peaceful guide throughout life.

I was taught to make these bells by my teacher Ton Akkermans, who has made many of bells for children here in the Netherlands.

During the forging of the bells, I note my observations of the energy and qualities of the human being that is being welcomed into the world, which will be included with the bells in a letter.


The right metal and size will be chosen as part of the attuning process.


When you order these bells, please send me an email to connect with me about the child for whom you would like to have these bells made.

Birth Bells

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