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An absolutely magical pair of large suspended bells.


Their shared sounds are incredibly inward and inviting. The athmosphere they create astonishing and seem to give shape to the silence.

They are best played gently to initiate a sound journey with their safe and warm sounds.


The larger bell has been made with the intention of opening for a meditation or a gathering in mindful presence. Its effect is to settle, to arrive in oneself and leave the buzz of the daily world behind. It is incredibly grounding and soothing, thereby forming a basis on which to build.

The second, smaller bell is forged to assist in transformation by letting go of that which needs to fall off. Like the serpent's skin that no longer fits it, at times we need to pass through moment where we can let something in us go so we can stand in the world afresh and be open to change. Like the words of Rudolf Steiner: "The spiritual world reaches those that are willing to change".


This pair of bells have been hand forged with love and care to create a unique instrument. During the process of making a them, they pass through many stages. Through fire and water,  cleaning and hammering.


This beautiful instrument can become your joyous friend to start or finish your day with in a moment of meditation. Allow yourself to go on a journey with its sounds.


This set comes together with a mallet, so you will have all you need to play your new instrument.

Large double bell pair - "Opening" and "Letting Go"

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